"For me as a teacher, the Inclusion Hub has allowed for me to show children (in my care) that their voices are heard and that they’re genuinely listened to. In the Spring, when we were in Lockdown, the IIH team went above and beyond to contact a child in my class (via Teams) to help support them in a time of great need. This child had never met Nikki yet after the 30 minute meeting, they had built a supportive relationship with her.
In addition, the Hub allows me to signpost children (and their families) to other friendly professionals who can support them and their needs further. 
The feedback from the children who have been on the Inclusion Courses at Hennock has been  very positive. A number of times I overhear conversations about remembering ‘toolkits’. This clearly proves the impact the courses are having: today children have very busy lives so the fact they recall ways to help themselves just proves how powerful a tool the Inclusion Hub really is."
"Two of our children recently took part in the Inclusion Hub's Managing Anxieties, run by Nikki Racey.  They developed a real understanding of how their brain worked and why their body reacted the way it did when they were worried.  They explored a range of techniques for coping with anxiety and created their own "toolkit" for managing times where they felt anxious.  Since the course finished, we have seen a real increase in their confidence in handling stressful situations and they have been empowered by the strategies they have developed and the language that they can use to discuss their concerns."